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Google Adwords advertising is a paid Google ad which when searched services or products from your field of business, using certain keywords related to your business content, your website appears at the top positions in the search results. This type of advertising campaign requires payment per click from a visitor. When someone is looking for a Google product or service, you can invest in AdWords in order to have your website shown at the top or at the right side and therefore stand out from the usual results. This will attract people interested specifically in your products and services.
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For example, if you have an online shoe store and want to go on first positions for the keyword “sneakers” using Google Adwords, this happens in just one day, having your site appear in the top ad slot above the usual unpaid results. Your website link may also appear on affiliate websites using AdSense.

The creation and management of Targeted Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a powerful tool for increasing the value and the efficiency of your website as a way to advertise and attract more users and customers searching for the specific services or products you offer.

Using Google paid ads, you’ll reach customers who are looking for your exact services or products right in yourc location at an exact time. AdWords allows flexible control of settings to get the best results for you. You yourself manage your budget. There is no minimum or maximum ad limit.

What can we offer you?
– an expert analysis in order to identify the important guidelines and the goals for web advertising and website development
– planning, creating, and building an Adwords campaign
– tracking and optimizing an already activated ad campaign
– an additional installation of a goal tracking script (GOALS)
– constantly tracking, analyzing, and optimizing your current ad campaign
– reviewing and preparing weekly detailed reports about the activity

The funds spent on Adwords advertising are a reasonable investment, however this monthly investment does not guarantee an increase in the position of your site in a standard search so to speak natural search. In any case, the website needs to be developed with a very good SEO optimization.

If you would like to support your advertising on the Internet by creating and managing such an advertising campaign, contact us.


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