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Web Design Studio Technocomp, Plovdiv, is a company specialised in professional web design services, development of modern websites, SEO optimisation and digital marketing for successful business.

Our work covers the whole process of creation of a website and all work stages, website popularization using SEO optimisation and web development for a successful website and business. We love and are dedicated to our job in the field of web design. We work wholeheartedly for each project and put efforts, professional approach and precise attention to every detail in our work. We aim to achieve qualitative and successful result during the whole process – from project analysis, planning and conceptions, original design solutions for presentation of an original and high quality website, creating web desingfull web development, to effective SEO optimisation and managing Internet advertising and marketing.

Here, in our web studio we meet our client’s ideas with friendly attitude and attention, trying to understand and bring life to their concepts and ideas. We analyze the specificity of the services needed in combination with the ideas, we help to arrange and develop the ideas, shaping them into more clear concepts through our professional web design knowledge and planning skills for websites development. We develop the idea to a suitable model using our creative imagination. We create a website that is beautiful and attractive, yet in good order aesthetically in order to function reliably. We shape visually and graphically the idea into a realistic web design. We develop practically the approved project that the client wants to see as a real working website, such website that can present beautifully, successfully and valuable your Internet business or activity.

Out team has deep skilled knowledge, good creative sense and great professional experience in:

– Creative graphic web design for unique websites beautifully made with original visual layout. We create web design project and/or single modules and graphic segments for websites, as well as complete projects that we accept to accomplish from beginning to end, we also offer creating of the design only or of some graphic elements for external project.

– Overall planning, qualitative structure creation, complete web design and website development for every business or activity. – Effective advertisement with different levels of designer’s creativity depending on the client’s preferences and consistent with the functional area.

– Planning and programming of dynamic web applications and software modules with databases and client applications for managing offers, properties, product inventory.- Appropriate coding and actual methods of SEO optimisation of websites for better and more successful search engines indexing. – Maintenance, updating and management of websites.

We love our job for we are creating aesthetic, beautiful and useful web products of content for Internet presentation or business; this inspires us to constantly develop and our creativity and come up with new ideas and to continuo enriching and developing our specialised knowledge in web products development in actual relation to innovative and modern technologies and tendencies in this field.

Our customers’ satisfaction with our services means a lot to us, therefore creating long-term business relations and partnerships is our personal success.


Our fundamental principles are:

• Unique, beautiful and stylish website. .

Each project is an interesting challenge for our creativity, we are striving to create different, stylish, beautiful things. We work with inspiration and patience in order to create an impressive and effectively arranged website and to realize the client’s ideas and expectations.

• Professional, precise and qualitative performance.

In order to function right and reliably, a website must have not only attractive design but also to be organized, developed and programmed of high quality and functional linking. We work precisely based on our deep knowledge and skills with accuracy and attention to every detail, in order to achieve beautiful and professional performance and create useful and functioning websites.

• Development to improvement.

We strive to constantly develop our knowledge and skills in relation to the newest methods and technologies in both web development and programming, and web design and graphic projects and concepts. We strive to go beyond our limits and enrich our potential and experience with new successful and impressive finished projects.

• Responsiveness, accuracy and loyalty.

We welcome our customers with sympathy, open-mindedness and professional understanding in order to see right the vision and ideas of the client about his project or plan and its goals and its future execution. For us precision is one of the most important things in our work. We offer loyalty and reliability to our clients during the discussion and work process, we strive to maintain trustful and respectful long-term partnerships with our clients. All of this predisposes long-term success.

• Positive attitude. .

We are dedicated to our profession and love our job in the field of creating web design models and presentations and turning them into working, attractive and useful websites as advertising products. Therefore we work with a smile and enthusiasm, with positive thinking and energy, always giving the best of us. We create and maintain friendly work environment while working with our clients and colleagues.