изработка на уеб сайтове пловдив, фирма за уеб сайтове, изработка на онлайн магазини пловдив, Process of work

The construction of a web site goes through several major stages, which are:
creating a preliminary project – a questionnaire in which the client describes the desired website,

we analyze the project as a category, type and structure of the website
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Analysis and planning of the concept – type of site, design, structure;

Creating a design, conceptual concept and graphic design as a visual layout;
Practical design of the website itself according to the approved design, layout and processing of the entire contents;
Publishing the prepared web site to a working web address;
Checking and testing an already published web site working from their web address;
SEO Optimize the pages, code and content of the website for better and more effective search engine optimization; 
 Promotion and promotion of advertising;
website design and developmentObserve for the proper website performance and support.