изработка на уеб сайтове пловдив, фирма за уеб сайтове, изработка на онлайн магазини пловдив SERVICES

In web studio Technocomр we provide specialized services related to graphic design of web design, complete conceptual concepts for project planning and technical design of web sites - designing a thematic idea, selection and preparation of visual design, optimal suitable structure, content, advertising planning and web marketing for successful site development.

We develope web sites for different kinds of presentations and online stores for e-commerce, software modules of dynamic web sites using programming with databases, maintenance and development of web sites and SEO optimization.

Along with the development of websites, we offer additional services for the creating graphic advertising materials - business cards, brochures and other similar materials to promote the activity, services or products of your company for more complex advertising of your business.

For more detailed information about the web services that our company performs, you can view the different categories