изработка на уеб сайтове пловдив, фирма за уеб сайтове, изработка на онлайн магазини пловдив, Custom web development of websites with PHP / data bases

Here in web studio “Technocomp” we have specialized knowledge, professional qualification and practical experience in designing and programming of software modules for database management with application for client administration.

These applications are individual modules and standalone products – planned and programmed to manage a larger number of products or services using databases and client software for content administration. They are called web-based because they use a visually convenient and associative work interface, usually running on an internet web site, or a local computer application, linked to a database for recording, managing and administering the assortment of products or different dynamic offers.

Typically, this type of programming web modules is used for managing a wide variety of services and products, for example:

tick-red real estates, with administration for offers management and brokers,
tick-red travel agencies, with dynamic travel offers,
tick-red product catalogues for larger companies,
tick-red management of stocks, goods or documents,
tick-red individual projects for corporate companies

Custom website programming PHP MySQL
For this type of software development the basis of detailed planning of the required database structure, the logic of interconnections between the individual modules, categories and products / services, and the programming of the interoperability of the software part and the database are important for the correct and effective functionality of the web application with the database and the user friendly interface.

The content management modules (for products, offers, documents) are a powerful tool for tracking, describing and working with a large number of products or services, which allows the owner to easily and flexibly input, edit, delete of products and services.

We can develop such modules for new websites as well as for existing websites that require a flexible and dynamic administration.

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