изработка на уеб сайтове пловдив, фирма за уеб сайтове, изработка на онлайн магазини пловдив Уеб сайт на разсрочено плащане

At TECHNOCOMP web studio we offer flexible ordering and payment options for a website with installment payment of equal monthly installments without additional cost over a period of 12 months.

This is a convenient flexible opportunity to create a new website for a start-up new business or other work activity with less upfront costs
Send us your idea of your project, we will analyze it and offer you a price quote for the project development and flexible options for deferred payment of the website's value for a period of 12 months.

In our project planning, construction and development work, we have two stages of relationships:

1. Planning and designing the terms of reference for the project to be completed. At the heart of each development is a carefully designed project after discussing and analyzing the purpose of the website, the purpose, the required functionality and pages for information. This is a very important milestone, because on this basis we analyze the project, the manufacturing technology, the time needed for realization and the cost for it. From the specific assignment, you formulate more precisely what you want to present to your clients and what target group is related to your activity.

2. Technical construction and development of the project described in the assignment. Until the first stage is prepared, it cannot proceed to the second stage.

Website maintenance and development

During the payback period of the website, we also provide monthly maintenance and development of the website and active work on SEO optimization for the effective development and promotion of the website on the Internet.

In the first year, during which the new web site should achieve initially more effective development, we offer an additional 16 hours of monthly development work to optimize the web site at a subscription fee of 192lv. without VAT.

Why development and monthly maintenance is required for the website

The main purpose of the web site is to represent a particular business on the internet space, through advertising to promote the business, services or products, to attract new potential customers, to improve and increase the sales of services or products.

The first necessary step is the proper and appropriate development of a thematic and appropriate website for the respective activity.

The second stage is the web site development through SEO optimization, content development and the presented products or services. If the web site is not easily and quickly accessible by the users, it remains only a static business card of the company as attractive advertising, but without real effect on the business.